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Welcome to the Book of Shiloh!

The Book of Shiloh is a growing compilation of "thus saith the Lord" revelations received by the Prophet Shiloh from February 2019 to the present. As you read these oracles with a pure heart and mind, your eyes of understanding will be opened, and you will learn the mysteries of God.

  1. Learn how to open the book sealed with seven seals:
    • Ever since the grand sign of the Son of Man occurred in September 2017, all formerly sealed understandings are now free to be revealed openly!
    • Obtain keys of knowledge of things that God forbade to be written by the prophets of old.
    • The basis of the Adamic metalanguage of symbol (a.k.a. the seer's tongue) is revealed.
    • Mysteries are unfolded in the sealed portions of the books of scripture that you already have.
    • Get ready for a complete paradigm shift!
  2. Positively identify God's true servants from those who hearken to false spirits that lead people astray:
    • The servant who is the root of David is revealed who comes to gather the tribes of Israel.
    • The man of sin who sits in the temple of God showing himself as God is revealed in order to expose him and to put a stop to his usurpation!
    • Corrupt church and government officers are exposed in their secret combinations, and instructions from God are given for removing them from their places of governance.
  3. Get the details about the gathering of the twelve tribes of Israel, which is commencing even now:
    • Learn the qualifications for gathering to the celestial places of refuge reserved for the righteous who receive divine guidance and protection.
    • Learn when, where, and with whom to gather in order to survive the scourge and judgment which are about to come upon us!

Please read and ponder these revelations with a sincere heart.

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